Success Coaching for Women
How to have it all in Love, Life and Career

To close the door on change means to lock out life itself.
(Walt Whitman)

Women who want to have it all in life will get effective support, so they not only can balance their love,
life and career demands but to be happy and successful at all levels!

Success Coaching for Women

It is an open secret that women often have to work harder to achieve a certain standing in life. Many life stages and even difficult obstacles never pose a real challenge for them, and yet it is not unusual that even strong women reach a point in their life that they are not able to overcome on their own.

This is where kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling’s Success Coaching for Women comes into play.

Setting and Realizing Goals

Women who would like to work on maximizing success while minimizing stress at the same time in both their professional and personal lives receive tailored support through the E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D. Women Success System. The nine-dimension approach clearly specifies your goals, helps remove possible blockades which are holding you back, discovers and releases talents, and leads to the desired changes.

The solution lies within yourself and my Success Coaching for Women helps you to find and realize it!


At kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling, I have designed the E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D. Success Coaching for women who feel ready to change their circumstances. This highly efficient approach is based on my holistic professional knowledge and experience in order to initiate a deep breakthrough process that helps you to grow and become the person you truly are.

Based on your current life´s longings and discontents we will co-create  solution-focused steps which can be easily integrate into your daily life, enrich your awareness and hence expand your mindset. This will help you to achieve recognizable and sustainable success and relief as soon as after your first session. Once you have direct access to your inner strengths, ressources and talents, you will be able to freely move your life forward on a professional and personal level.

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Success Coaching Retreats

Goal-oriented women, who refuse to settle for less in life have no time to waste. The Success Coaching for Women retreats are the right way to go.

During an intensive weekend, you can combine my solution-focused coaching service with relaxing wellness activities. You will increase your performance on a professional level and your well-being on a personal level while enjoying relaxing spa treatments in an exquisite retreat.

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Workshops und Presentations

Based on the nine-dimension E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D. Women Success System, I will provide you with specific recommendations for action that will help you to master your individual daily challenges with ease.

This service is primarily tailored for women who would like to get a first taste of my Success Coaching for Women program and want to learn more about initial solution approaches. Companies are also invited to benefit from this service as part of their professional development offering for employees.

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