What is your approach towards life when it comes to so-called failures?

Do you know situations in life where you simply feel like you have failed completely, you haven’t scored in a way you would have envisioned? And you feel like “the winner takes it all” – and “the loser, is standing small”? I guess many of us have experienced such kind of setbacks in one way or another. And, frankly, I’ve been there many times in my life, too.

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Are you familiar with those moments where you talk to your partner and he or she is completely not getting you? You feel neither seen nor appreciated? And, that the conversation seems to be completely off. As a result, the both of you are on the edge of starting an argument?

I experienced this quite often in my past marriage, too. To be frankly, as life can be quite busy and challenging, such situations are a likely trap that can get you caught in an argument quite quickly . But how can we turn such situations around? What are the underlying reasons that lead us into such situations? So, here I am sharing with you what I have discovered regarding this topic in a professional and personal context. Read more

Usually, when it comes close to Valentine’s Day, it is all about happy couples and having a romantic time … But, what if, you are struggling with your relationship right now? What if your partner and you are taking “a pause”? What if your relationship just fell apart? Now, you have to watch all these supposedly happy couples and deal with the annoyance and jealousy creeping up in the back of your mind. Read more

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