How To Reduce Stress And Achieve Emotional Balance In Your Love, Life And Career

Have you ever felt disempowered by having to balance all of life’s demands?
And you may have wondered where all of your power and strength has gone?

It is no secret that women often have to work harder to achieve a certain standing in life, many of my clients have experienced exactly this feeling of disempowerment.

The Challenge

If we look back in history, women have been traditionally the caretaker for house and family. Over centuries the situation has been evolved and women have been pursuing their own path outside this traditional setting. Yet, this also have led to many challenges.

As a woman, you might feel you are taking on x roles all at once, with the side effect of not having the fulfillment you wish for neither in your love/family life nor in your professional life. But you want more! You want to be happy and successful in all areas of life!

It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.
(Lou Holtz)


Lou Holtz wants to explain that it is not the duties which cause the feeling of being overwhelmed and disempowered, it is the approach towards them.

So, in essence:

we carry our workload with our thoughts! Our thoughts are one of the most powerful tools we have! Because our thoughts determine our approach – how we evaluate, judge and perceive …  I will talk more about this in one of my upcoming posts.

Be aware of your thoughts

I want to inviting you to be aware of your thoughts. They influence how empowered you feel!
If you feel rather disempowered than empowered – than here is what you can do:

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Anja Dittmeier is Founder of kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling. Anja coaches and provides counseling for her clients in German and English. She graduated with an M.A. in education, psychology and theology, and works with her clients on the question why some people’s careers flourish while others are not able to overcome obstacles with the same ease. How did we become who we are? Anja Dittmeier is specialized in interpersonal relationships and studied its causes and underlying mechanisms of it.

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