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Create a Happy Valentine’s Day for Yourself

Usually, when it comes close to Valentine’s Day, it is all about happy couples and having a romantic time … But, what if, you are struggling with your relationship right now? What if your partner and you are taking “a pause”? What if your relationship just fell apart? Now, you have to watch all these […]


HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR! – Commence a Fabulous New Year with an Empowered Mindset! With an empowered mindset, this upcoming year will become fabulous. As we are about to conclude the year 2017, reflect on how you would like to enter 2018! With empowerment or with fear and concerns? I assume you’d rather commence […]

Happy Holidays

We all love the Holiday Season and Christmas. Yet it goes along with loads of effort and work. So, how can You as a couple avoid ending up in countless arguments? Learn how to manage the holiday season as a respectful and harmonious team.

Three Steps Towards Happiness

HAPPINESS. Isn’t it what we all wish for in our lives? Now as the days become shorter and the nights become longer. Fall, the misty season presents itself by letting the leaves fall… And, some people “let their leaves drop” by getting moody or even by feeling depressed. So, what can we do to brighten […]

Love Language

Learn Your Partner’s Love Language to Easily Communicate and Avoid Endless Arguments Have you ever found yourself in your relationship not getting the love that you want in the form you are expecting? You’re not alone, and this issue is something that I coach my clients on so I know exactly how you feel.


Do you have relationship issues? Are you going through transition from a job or a divorce? Or are you just want to have it ALL in your LOVE, LIFE AND CAREER? … If so, you are in the right place. At first, I would like to take this opportunity to explain what we do and […]