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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart. (Helen Keller)

My online counseling service is aimed at people who live an international life and want to transform their life´s challenges and burdens into fulfillment.

Please contact me for your initial anamnesis session.

International Online Counseling

Life in general can be challenging, and it is often hard to welcome changes or unforeseen, even burdening circumstances as a possibility of growth. More so, living an international life holds many unknown challenges and unforeseen experiences in store. Sometimes the fun and freedom, excitement, and adventure might be overshadowed by the sensation of not fitting in, missing home, sorrow, uncertainties, and interrupted relationships.

Thus, you might feel overwhelmed, helpless, frustrated, lonely, angry, depressed or confused. But more so, you are longing for changing this and deeply want to feel with your heart the gift of living a life abroad.

This is where my holistic attachment-based and culturally sensitive approach of counseling comes in to play. It is my privilege to assist you to grow and heal so that you can expand your mindset and live the life the way you have envisioned it.

Methods and techniques which could be implemented in sessions are: Brainspotting, Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) and The Wholeness Work®, inner bonding / inner child work, meditation, breathing and mindfulness exercises, tapping, visualization and techniques of resource activation, etc. International Online Counseling is Mental Health Coaching not Psychotherapy.

Topics I can help with

  • Resolving  burdening issues of conducting life
  • Emotional restlessness, helplessness, conflicts
  • Relationship problems
  • Adjustment to new stages in life, e.g.: career, separation, becoming a parent, post-partum, parenting, menopause
  • Moving and living abroad
  • Migration and integration issues of expatriates, global nomads, third culture kid / adult third culture kid (TCK / ATCK)

Create Ease in Unfamiliar and Challenging Life Circumstance

Especially in unfamiliar and challenging life circumstances the individual attachment experiences, how and where we grew up, how we became who we are, influence our approach towards new, changing or particularly challenging circumstances.

These collective memories of our past have established a kind of “default program” by which we go through life. They determine the way in which we perceive, judge, evaluate and react to situations and other people. In short: Attachment experiences determine our behavior, how we are shaping our future and how we interact within another culture.

To create ease in our lives no matter what circumstances we are facing; it is crucial to live rather by design than by default. Living your life by design requires the ability to act out of the consciousness. Which in turn is only possible if our nervous system is calm, centered, and relaxed. The methods I am using during my client´s session have proven to be remarkably effective in this.


Utilizing Integrative Methods for Counseling

Any experiences someone is living through whether exciting or burdening are stored in the body. And as body and mind are completely entangled, working with the entire body to transform challenges into ease, is a logical consequence for me.

Therefore, I am utilizing and adapting my professional knowledge portfolio for the specific setting in which I am working with my clients.

The neuro-scientific method of Brainspotting is rooted in the trauma therapy method EMDR. In 2003, the EMDR therapist David Grand, PhD, established a connection between the localized viewpoints of clients and trauma processing. Since 2011, Brainspotting is scientifically recognized. (Further information can be found here)

The Comprehensive Resource Model® (CRM) is a neurobiologically based and affect focused treatment model that facilitates the processing of (traumatic) experiences and was developed by Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed. For this process, the client’s intrapersonal resources are consciously activated and used for processing the burdening situation. Here too, localized eye viewpoints are used. Unconscious parts, problems, topics but also physical symptoms can be recognized and better understood. (Further information can be found here)

The Wholeness Work® is a completely experience-based method and the result of 10 years of development work by Connirae Andreas, PhD, one of the word leading NLP trainers. It is a transformative process, based in NLP and an effective form of mindfulness meditation. It changes the psychological structure that we used to get stressed out through a meditative approach towards body and mind. It comes with a profound curriculum of coaching interventions that can be used to help people feel more at ease and whole. (Further information can be found here.)


How we Get Started

During our first meeting, the so-called anamnesis session, you will have the chance to share your situation. There, you will be provided with a safe space to share your wishes and concerns.

It will also be an opportunity for us to get to know each other and to find out whether we could see us working together. You will get the chance to gain a first understanding of my holistic approach of body-mind connection to consider and whether such an approach would be beneficial for your growth and change.

Further, it will give me also a first understanding of your situation and if I can help, due to my professional portfolio. Therefore, I use a biography-based questionnaire which will guide us through this session.

For the approx. 90 min. anamnesis interview a flat rate of 105€ will be charged.

You may be wondering what time frame you will invest in your change? I would like to answer this question. As everyone´s situation and psyche is different it would be unethical to put a specific time frame on it. Depending on the subject and internal readiness (the inner yearning) to change influences the process in general.

Due to my experience I can say, a counseling process takes between 3 months and 2 years. To build some momentum, I see new clients weekly for the first 4 weeks. After that we re-evaluate and agree on the following steps.

Holistic and body-oriented methods have proven to be very effective and shorten a counseling process. However, as transformation happens in-between sessions, it is very beneficial for the client´s process to implement (act on) the impulses discussed in the session.

At the end, a counselor is facilitating a power partnership, a safe space to grow and methods – and thus assistance. The actual transformational work is done by the client. Book your Anamnesis Session here

If you need to postpone or cancel your appointment, this possible free of charge until 24h before the appointment. After that the full amount will be charged. After each session (completed or cancelled late), I will email the respective invoice for the session via FastBill.


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