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Women who want to have it all in life will get effective support, so they not only can balance their love, life and career demands but to be happy and successful at all levels!

Cosmopolitan Choice

The characteristic feature in kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling’s service is the profound combination of Imago relationship therapy with an intercultural and cultural sensitive approach, creating an unique counseling technique: Cosmopolitan Choice – Couples Counseling.

Couples Counseling

Couples learn about the correlations of individual experiences, cultural differences and personal judgement on situations and statements. As a result both will gain compassion for each other and obtain a stabilized and re-harmonized relationship.


Alone or with your partner: Work with me on a lasting harmonization of your intercultural relationship.

Learn more about Cosmopolitan Choice – Couples Counseling.

Success Coaching
for Women

Realize your goals and aspirations with the targeted support of E.M.P.O.W.E.R.E.D. Women Success System.

Learn more about my success coaching for women.

Services & Prices

Select the coaching service that suits your individual needs in an extent that is appropriate for you.

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Achieve the noticeable and lasting growth that you desire for your personal life and career.

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What my clients say

»We thank you, Anja Dittmeier, for offering excellent services to our expatriates and their families, which allowed them to reach out for additional support adjusting into the US culture in order to achieve a successful integration.« 

Anna Potter, Manager, NAFTA Mobility, Human Relations, Continental Automotive Systems, Inc, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

»Anja Dittmeier ist ein sehr effektiver Coach für jeden, der eine wirkliche Veränderung in seinem Leben haben möchte. Ich empfehle sie gerne weiter. Vielen herzlichen Dank!«

K.B., Marketing Managerin, Deutschland

»Anja is a passionate coach. Through her coaching, I’ve learned the importance and power of relationships.«

T.G., Attorney, USA

»In den vielen Gesprächen mit Anja Dittmeier konnte ich sie als kompetente und sensible Begleitung in der Lösungsfindung für unsere schwierigen Situationen kennenlernen und erleben. Herzlichen Dank!«

M.S., Facility Managerin, Deutschland

»I have sought Anja’s support in a variety of professional and private contexts. She has always impressed me with her sensitivity and her persistence to help me see ways where I thought there were none. She also helped me change certain damaging behavioral pattern.«

G.S., Engineering Manager, USA

» I really enjoyed my sessions with Anja. She asked precise questions to coach me into making the right decisions. She respected my privacy. So I felt comfortable talking to her about sensitive issues. I highly recommend Anja as she is knowledgeable, compassionate, and very professional.«

A.M., Teacher, USA

»Anja Dittmeier ist ein passionierter und anteilnehmender Coach. Das bedeutendste für mich war, dass ich von Frau Dittmeier lernte was ich tun kann, um meine eigenen alten Kindheitswunden zu heilen. Aufgrund ihrer Ausbildung, jahrelangen Erfahrung und Reputation ermöglichte Anja Dittmeier während des Coachings und der Beratung ein sicheres Umfeld, um sich zu öffnen, zu entspannen, Gründe zu erkunden und Lösungen zu entwickeln. «

S.H., Beamtin, Deutschland

»Thank you Anja! I was able to sit down with my partner and talk about our relationship without arguing for the first time.«


Cross Culture Counseling

People in inter-cultural surroundings face very specific challenges. Working with these topics is a passion of mine.

My Cross Culture Trainer certification, my experience of having lived in another country and raising two third-culture kids (TCK) enables me to provide you with an effective and holistic support when you face challenges during your transition into a new culture, be it on a professional or personal level. This also includes challenges experienced by inter-cultural couples or family constellations.

Learn more about my service: Cosmopolitan Choice – Couples Counseling for cross culture couples.

Are you an expatriate couple or expatriate family? Than you might be interested in this publication, covering all aspects of an expatriate life in the United States: USA Expat Quick Guide

Coaching & Counseling in Berlin

kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling always puts your specific needs front and center. So, I invite you to put yourself first now and contact me  for a 30-minute assessment via phone or Zoom to discuss your specific needs.

Individually selected methods, techniques and psychological approaches will help us during our 60 or 90-minute sessions that you can make the necessary changes in order for you to turn your dreams into reality.

Personal sessions usually take place at Prenzlauerberg, close to Volkspark Friedrichshain in the office space of the Akademie für Integrative Traumatherapie, Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 23, 10407 Berlin. I also offer online coaching via Zoom. It goes without saying that our conversations and the content will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Please see an overview of my comprehensive services and respective prices.

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