Do you have relationship issues? Are you going through transition from a job or a divorce? Or are you just want to have it ALL in your LOVE, LIFE AND CAREER? … If so, you are in the right place.

At first, I would like to take this opportunity to explain what we do and why we do what we do

kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling supports you as you are!

We enable you not only to balance your love, live and career demands but also to be happy and successful across the board!

It is our mission to to enable our clients to experience lasting relational, personal and professional change and growth in a short period of time.

We believe that everyone is unique and deserves assistance tailored to their needs. To achieve this, we help women and couples to acknowledge, respect and LOVE THEMSELVES in order for them to develop the love, the life and the career they are longing for.

Therefore, we guide our clients through a structured and a very effective coaching and counseling process.

In connection to this, I, as your coach and counselor, will employ my diverse knowledge background, based on neuro scientifically proven and personally experienced psychological and therapeutically approaches and methods. By making use of this portfolio of coaching and counseling methods and techniques, I have developed over the years my own and unique style of coaching and counseling.

While working with people of different ages and backgrounds, I started wondering why some lives and careers thrive and some seem not to. I started to heavily contemplate the question: WHY WE ARE THE WAY WE ARE?”.

I decided to dig deeper into the matter of attachment-based research and began acquiring certifications in this field.

In 2011, shortly after my family and I moved from Germany to the United States as an expatriate family for the automotive industry, I founded the independent practice of Attachment-Based Coaching in Troy (Michigan). Living abroad, I decided to launch my career on an international level and became a Professional Coach.

Experiencing and mastering the challenges of expatriation, as a business woman, mother of two daughters and as an expat partner, I also noticed certain links between the attachment-based counseling approach I am certified in and the process of expatriation. Therefore, I became a licensed Cross-Cultural Trainer in order to further my knowledge in the field of cross cultural communication and understanding and to help people adjust to a new culture.

And as life got its ways to surprise you, I was faced with having to master another challenge when my husband and I decided to separate. This gave me the opportunity to study and experience what it takes to overcome a deep crisis in a short amount of time. So, I studied the highly effective brain-based brief coaching method Palo Alto Limbic Coaching® which helped me grow personally and overcome this private struggle.

Furthermore, I felt that I want to help other couples prevent similar the pain and hardships that I went through during this separation process. Therefore, I became trained in Imago Relationship Therapy, America’s most successful couple’s therapy. The lessons I learned while undergoing this traineeship to become an Imago Relationship Coach not only changed the way approach towards interpersonal relationships, it changed my life.

As you can see, I had to go through some life changes I didn’t necessarily wish for. In essence, I have learned to master the same changes, challenges and demands of life and relationships, my clients are typically dealing with. Not only does this create a special bond between my clients and me, it also provides me with the necessary experience to fully empathize.

Based on my professional knowledge, I now understand that all these circumstances allowed me to grow and become the person who I am today – and this is also what makes me able to support you in pursuing your goals! ????

As a first step, to help you get a little taste of what my coaching and counseling style entails, I have created a FREE GIFT FOR COUPLES and a FREE GIFT FOR EMPOWERED WOMEN. I invite you to download them and to try them out.

And I would like to invite you to share your insights here on this blog. I am also always glad to answer questions or respond to concerns. Please contact me here.

Best wishes,

Anja Dittmeier is Founder of kAleiDoscope Coaching & Counseling. Anja coaches and provides counseling for her clients in German and English. She graduated with an M.A. in education, psychology and theology, and works with her clients on the question of why some people’s careers flourish while others are not able to overcome obstacles with the same ease. She always strives to find new answers to the question “How did we become who we are?”

Anja Dittmeier is specialized in interpersonal relationship counseling and studied its causes and underlying mechanisms of it.