HAVE A FABULOUS NEW YEAR! – Commence a Fabulous New Year with an Empowered Mindset!

With an empowered mindset, this upcoming year will become fabulous.

As we are about to conclude the year 2017, reflect on how you would like to enter 2018! With empowerment or with fear and concerns? I assume you’d rather commence the new year with an energetic and empowered attitude. ????

To develop an energetic and empowered mind-set, I would like to share with you the Habit No. 4: THINK WIN-WIN of Stephan Covey’s book: The 7 Habits of Effective People, which I really love.

Thinking Win-Win invites us to see others rather as companions than as our competitors. This change in perspective is one important objective to reach in the process of becoming empowered.


Living in a competitive world, how can we view others rather as companions than as competitors?

If we see others more as competitors, then it is more likely that we think and behave out of fear. Coming from a traditional point of view, it can be said that if we want to win, someone else will have to lose.

Now imagine, how would it feel to be the person who loses? How would it feel to be in fear? How would you rate your energy levels – visualizing these circumstances? – Assumingly, your energy levels would be quite low and you would not be feeling well at all.

Now imagine, how would you rate your energy levels if you would win and the other one too? –They for sure wouldn’t just be higher, but they would be on the highest possible level. And, you would think and behave in freedom, full of energy and empowerment.


So, how do we develop a mind-set of freedom, energy and empowerment?

  1. We are invited to reflect on how we evaluate and approach our environment on a daily basis.
    Do we judge others negatively? Or do we welcome diversity positively?The energy we’ll send is the energy we’ll receive.
    When we judge ourselves as we judge our environment, we are in fear!
    When we accept ourselves as we accept the diversity around us, we surround ourselves with positivity and become thereby empowered!
  2. This – in essence – invites us to treat others in the way we want to be treated and most importantly, to treat ourselves how we want to be treated!Which leads over to Stephan Covey’s habit No. 5: SEAK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND.
  3. By understanding what others need, by addressing these needs and by giving value to them, we inevitably treat others how we want to be treated. We practice this best when we first understand, address and value our own needs. This will lead us on the road of success and empowerment.

What I have learned from my own life experience and from helping women and couples is, the biggest roadblock we can encounter in love, life and career is thinking and acting in FEAR.

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