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Are you familiar with those moments where you talk to your partner and he or she is completely not getting you? You feel neither seen nor appreciated? And, that the conversation seems to be completely off. As a result, the both of you are on the edge of starting an argument?


I experienced this quite often in my past marriage, too. To be frankly, as life can be quite busy and challenging, such situations are a likely trap that can get you caught in an argument quite quickly . But how can we turn such situations around? What are the underlying reasons that lead us into such situations? So, here I am sharing with you what I have discovered regarding this topic in a professional and personal context. Read more

How to spent relaxed and harmonious holidays with your partner!

How to avoid endless arguments during the stressful holiday season?

We all love the Holiday Season and Christmas. Yet it goes along with loads of effort, work and arrangements to be made and being so close to our loved ones can lead to stress and disharmony. So, how can You as a couple avoid ending up in countless arguments? The respond is: “You manage this best as a respectful and harmonious team.” This guides to the principal and imperative question of…

What contributes to a respectful and harmonious relationship?
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